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If invest in finance,will have a considerable income, but I always feel that the industry is the greatest charity. Mr zhang said. A successful business contributes taxes and drives employment.From Guiya Lighting to Jingke electronic, as a municipal people's congress and Guixi City economic development consultant,Mr Zhang is the pioneer of the light valley.

As the elder of Guiya Lighting,Mr Zhang experienced a number of difficulties when the company was founded.Money and technical staff were scarce that time.Mr Zhang lead a team who started from foundation and worked over time and overcome many technology difficulties.To make the business grow quickly, he ran the project, raised funds, and worked day and night.In the passing 13 years,it successfully declared three 50 million yuan projects approved by the national development and reform commission, ministry of science and technology and the ministry of education.And three 30million yuan province projects.Which get national key new products, national science and technology progress award, jiangxi science and technology progress award and many other awards.The company not only upgraded to a national high-tech enterprise, but also established a provincial research and development center, and became a banner in local enterprises.It is the efforts of a generation like zhang, which has brought the company to a new peak, and attracted the attention of Midea group. Mr Zhang finally chose to cooperate with Midea Group.

   Mr Zhang is not only a successful entrepreneur,but also a dutifully municipal people's congress.Mr Zhang submitted more than 10 proposals.And China Light Valley is one of the proposal by him.In the development tern of Guiya Lighting,Mr Zhang never forget the welfare.Today, Mr Zhang is struggling in the new founded Jingke Economics Co.,ltd.put his wisdom and experience to the company and the local economic.


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